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Meal Plan Questionnaire

Fyre strives to make your dining experience extraordinary and fantastic with top quality food. We also make that happen in our pre-prepared fresh cooked meals. Meals you just re-heat and eat. Our meal prep services are available anywhere in Wichita, Kansas and other areas. Please fill out our M.P.Q. form below so we can have a gist of what you want for your meal prep meals.

Meal Plan Questionnaire

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Do you have any food allergies? Y / N If so please list*

What are your, I refuse to eat foods? Why?*

Please list any food intolerances.*

Please list and write about your favorite food(s). What do you like about the food? How does it make you feel when you think about and eat this food?*

Please list any health conditions, and or symptoms you may have. (EX; I have COPD which gives me respiratory issues and chronic heartburn.)*

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